Summer Essentials

Hello lovelies,

Today’s blog post is full of random items which you must have for summer!
Firstly I have beauty, hair and skin care products!

I used to be obsessed with Simple’s Hydrating Moisture Mist that they released during summer, it was the perfect little spray to cool you down and moisturise too. However they have stopped making it now, so I tried Garnier’s ‘Skin active, Moisture Bomb Hydrating Mist’ and it did not disappoint. It has Anti-UV- SPF 30 and anti-pollution protection, which is a bonus for me in sunny London, but it also cools you down on warm days. Another skin care favourite of mine, during summer, is The White Company’s ‘Seychelles’ shower gel. It has a fresh beachy scent and you stay fragrant for the whole day.

Next, the handbag essentials! Carmex lip balm is my ultimate favourite lip balm, it works a treat, and it has SPF 15, meaning It’s perfect for summer. The other two miniatures I always carry are Cath Kidston’s (My possibly favourite brand) hand cream and hand sanitizer. They both smell amazing and moisturise without leaving any sticky feelings on your hands.


Then we have the beauty and hair care. Beauty wise, I’m a natural look kinda girl, so a nice light foundation, a soft blush/highlighter with a little mascara will do me on a hot day in the sun. My favourite blush/highlight at the moment is this Soap&Glory ‘Glow all out’ powder. My fitting foundation is Dior’s ‘Star’ foundation. It has a lovely brightening effect and doesn’t feel heavy on the skin- it also has SPF 30! Also on my list is Lee Stafford’s ‘Coco Loco, Coconut Spritz.’ This is a hair milk/oil that leaves your hair looking silky soft with high shine- the perfect look for luscious locks during summer!

Moving onto random bits&bobs!


A must in summer, of course, are sunglasses. I always end up buying a new pair every year as I seem to either lose mine or break them. I’m very picky with sunglasses but I found these beauties in New Look! Another must is a travel wallet and pass holder. If you like to travel like me, or live in a city, these are so handy. Mine are both from Cath Kidston because I love their prints but shops like Kikki K and Paperchase also sell them.

Next? Candles of course. I bought this little set from NEXT, It’s called ‘The Candle Pantry’ and all the scents are named after foods. They are presented in little jam jars with decorated tops, aren’t they just adorable? They also look and smell good enough to eat! (Blackberry Jam is my favourite one) You can also buy bigger sizes of them all.

Finally, my summer must haves wouldn’t be complete without a drink of course? So crack out the Pink gin and Pimm’s and let’s have a garden party!


I have recently re-discovered Gordon’s Pink Gin and I ADORE it! It goes well with Lemonade, Tonic or in cocktails. I have a rose gold cocktail set and I love to experiment with it. My favourite mix currently would be a double of Gordons Pink gin, Raspberry&lemon cordial (pictured above,) lemonade and mint leaves. Raspberry and Lemon are my favourite flavours, along with passionfruit, so I love this drink.
And is it even summer if Pimm’s doesn’t feature? Pimm’s epitomises British summer time to me. Mix some Pimm’s, Mint leaves and slices of Cucumber&Strawberries in a jug with some lemonade and you’re set to go!

I hope you find this useful and enjoy your summer, do you lovelies have any summer must haves?

Speak soon,
Rosie Lauren

Links to featured items:

-The White Company- Seychelles Shower Gel;
-Soap&Glory- Glow All Out;
-Lee Stafford- Coco Loco Coconut Spritz;
-Carmex- Original Lip Balm;
-Cath Kidston- Handcream;
-Cath Kidston- Hand Sanitiser;
-Dior- Star Foundation;
-Garnier- Skin Active Hydrating Mist;
-NEXT- The Candle Pantry;
-Newlook- Sunglasses;
-Cath Kidston- Pass/Ticket Holder;
-Cath Kidston- Travel Wallet;
-Gordon’s- Premium Pink Gin;
-Belvoir- Raspberry&Lemon Cordial;
-Pimm’s- Original Mix;
-Fox&Ivy- Rose Gold Shaker&Jigger;

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