London’s Sweet Street- Elan Cafe

Hello Lovelies,

Today’s post is another addition to my London’s Sweet Street collection and I went to possibly the most instagramable cafe… ever? I thought Peggy Porschen was cute, but Elan Cafe is a floral heaven!

Each table has marbled tops and baby pink seats and it’s very fresh and floral. I decided, because it was super hot, to have a peach iced tea. It was lovely to cool down with on a hot summery day AND they use paper straws to be eco friendly! I then ‘accidently’ ordered a slice of cherry and chocolate cake too…

The actual cafe boasts pink, floral heaven and it’s menu compliments it. Elan cafe, if you’re obsessed with Instagram like me, is known for it’s floral wall of roses. Although I didn’t get to sit in-front of it this time, I shall definitely be returning in the future.

You can grab a take out latte&cake or sit in and each a whole salad. Their variety of food is huge and their variety of cakes is even more. Plus they all look adorable! Just don’t think about the calories!

I visited Elan Cafe on Brompton road, just down the road from Harrods, but there is another store on Park lane. AND there is a brand new one opening soon at Oxford Circus! I hope you enjoyed this little insight into an Instagram famous cafe, let me know if you visit and what you have!

Speak soon,
Rosie Lauren

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