A little chat about Starbucks…

Hello Lovelies,

img_9578-e1536529142650.jpg(The sweetened Strawberry Black Tea and Mango Black Tea were basically what I lived on over summer… )

Firstly, my apologies for being a little non-existent the last month, I’ve had a very busy few weeks but I hope you all enjoyed your summer! However I am back and just in time for PUMPKIN SPICED LATTE SEASON! Autumn&Winter are my favourite times of year and I am sooooo ready!!

Now for any of you that know me personally, you will know I’m your typical basic girl. Criteria? Owns a white fiat 500- Tick. Owns a Starbucks card- Tick. But before my basic girl instincts kick in, let me talk about something Starbucks have introduced recently.

Yay for saving the environment with Starbucks!

So Starbucks have been selling £1.00 reusable cups for a few years, which are great because you get 25p off your drink every-time you use one. But now, they’ve introduced a 5p charge… I know a lot of you are probably reading this thinking ‘Why are you happy there’s a charge?’ WELL. Because of the charge, so many people are buying and reusing their recycled and reusable cups AND saving money. Within 4 drinks, you’ve received the money back from buying the reusable cup in the first place! THERE IS NO DOWNSIDE. Save the environment AND save money? Just remember to pop your little Starbucks cup in your bag when you want to grab one!

Another thing, you don’t have to use the two £1.00 cups designed either. You can use any cup and you get 25p off… Although the newest design of £1.00 cups with the Starbucks with nature is ADORABLE! That’s all for this little post, but let me know which cups and flasks you have!

Speak soon,
Rosie Lauren

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