Blogmas-Wreath Making

Hello Lovelies,

Welcome to Blogmas day 1!! It’s time to get in the festive spirit, so today’s post is on Wreath Making! I think Wreaths are such a beautiful decoration and they’re so much fun to make!

Firstly, grab a cuppa and search for some wreath design inspiration on Pinterest, this will keep you occupied for HOURS. However once you’ve got an idea, grab a pad of paper and a pen and write the following list;

To buy;
– Wreath base (I picked one which already had the foliage on it)
– Craft Wire or Clear Thread
– Thick Ribbon
– Fairy Lights (Ideally wire fairy lights)
– Dried/Fake Fruits (Berries, Orange slices, etc)
– Glittery Pine Cones
– Bells
– Tiny baubles
– A tub of chocolates to keep you going…

Obviously you can buy whatever you wish to put on your wreath but that’s what looked for. I decided to go for a Silver|Red wreath theme. Wilkinsons and Hobby Craft have some really good, low priced decorations!

Step 1- Lay out all your item you want to decorate with.

I laid mine around the wreath to get an idea of where I wanted everything. I got most of my decorations from Wilko and Homesense, all under £1 each! And make sure your chocolates are within reach, of course…

Step 2- Add your fairy lights and/or ribbon.

Once you’ve chosen your lights, blend them into the foliage so you can’t see the wire. Unfortunately I couldn’t find any cold fairy lights- So I will add mine later! If you’re adding ribbon, wrap it around the wreath to your liking.

Step 3- Decide where you want your biggest decorations and secure them loosely.

Once you’ve allocated them, you can then begin to add the smaller decorations to fill the wreath. I used craft wire to attach them to the foliage but you can tie them with clear thread too. The reason you attach them loosely is because you will find you’ll probably move it a few times.

Step 4- Keep adding all your decorations until your wreath is starting to look busy.

I ended up switching my decorations around a lot, but I finished my wreath with some ribbon at the top and I hung a little jingle bell from it.

My wreath came to around a total of £12 but you can make them from as little as £8. I also had a lot of decorations left over, so you can always add them to the tree or use them as present toppers!

I hope you enjoyed this little wreath making blog post. Come back for another post tomorrow!

Speak soon,
Rosie Lauren

Screenshot 2018-12-04 at 12.34.39

24 days until Christmas!

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