Blogmas- Christmas Markets

Hello Lovelies,

Welcome to Blogmas day 2! Apologies for this post being up slightly late, I have started my December in Brugge this year and the wifi is rubbish. However, that is what today’s post is all about- Christmas Markets! I have always loved Christmas and the festivities, so I am in my element when it comes to markets. My favourite so far has been the Christmas markets in Vienna but this time I jumped on the Eurostar to Belgium!


Home of Beer, Chocolate and Waffles, there’s an abundance of food and drink to try. For this trip I stayed in the town of Brugge and the main market is food&drink oriented. I mainly ate from the market on the first night and I was so excited that I bought almost one of everything. Firstly I had Bratkartoffeln, which is a German pan fried potato dish with bacon, onions and cream- it has become a favourite of mine. I also had ‘Frites in a cone,’ which is typical Belgian? and a foot long Bratwurst. Obviously I then washed this down with a nice mug of Warm Gluhwein.


Chocolate is another food I ate a ridiculous amount of… but December means no restrictions on food… so I had Chocolate Orangettes, Chocolate truffles, Hot Chocolate, you name it! And the waffles.. THE WAFFLES! I had pretty much every toping possible. Speculoos is the only correct topping however.


          The sights of Brugge were beautiful too. It’s a wonderfully picturesque town. I ended up walking a lot to soak up all the beautiful architecture (along with the Christmas lights!)


 I don’t think there’s anything more suitably festive than walking through an old, pretty town with a mug of Gluhwein in hand and Christmas songs playing the distance.


This photo shows one of my favourite places we visited- isn’t it just beautiful?

The town was decorated top to bottom and the markets sold beautiful decorations too. I also visited ‘Käthe Wohlfahrt,’ which is a Christmas shop. Yes, CHRISTMAS SHOP! It was magical, with glittery glass decorations glistening in the fairy lights and trains whizzing around the shop. Needless to say I spent a fair amount of money in there…

But I also bought baubles from the market, which were hand blown&decorated. They were stunning. Shops often had trees up to show off their decorations and they were stunning too. I love walking through Christmas markets because I never necessarily know what I want to buy, but I end up seeing so many pretty decorations. I have enough for my whole tree to be re-vamped this year!!


I hope you enjoyed my little insight into Brugge. If you can get to a local Christmas market, do!, it will get you feeling super festive!! If you’re lucky enough that you can make it abroad, do that too! But make sure you bring your hats, gloves and scarves because it’s starting to get very chilly!


Speak soon,
Rosie Lauren

Screenshot 2018-12-04 at 12.34.13

23 days to go!

One thought on “Blogmas- Christmas Markets

  1. How beautiful ❤ Germany is just incredible at Christmas isn't it! I was lucky enough to get to Munich Christmas Markets last December and I can't get over the beauty of them, they know how to do Christmas right!! x


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