Blogmas- Christmas Drinks!

Hello Lovelies,

Now it’s getting cold, hot drinks on the go are a must. Have you tried all the latest? I’m a Starbucks girl but I must admit, Costa are definitely winning this year!

Black Forest Hot Chocolate- 100% the best drink they do and it’s returned again this year! It’s very sweet but the cherry syrup makes it sooooo good.

Gingerbread & Cream Latte- I’m a sucker for anything gingerbread and this is no exception. I always have to add a little sugar but I had a shot of vanilla syrup before and that was LUSH.

Hot Spiced Apple- To be blunt- YUM!! Hot.. spiced.. apple.. must I say anymore?

Caramelised Orange & Cream Hot Chocolate- This was actually really disappointing. The orange wasn’t very strong but the hot chocolate was still yummy. I’d say if you want an orange hot chocolate, melt some terry’s choc orange with milk In a mug!

Hazelnut Praline & Cream Hot Chocolate- This was very nice drink although I’m not a massive hazelnut fan. But if you are- 100% recommend.


Christmas Brulée Latte- This is disappointing- it just tastes like coffee but with extra sweetness. 

Gingerbread Latte- 10000% better than Costa’s. I would say it’s on par with their chai latte, and that’s saying something.

Toffee Nut Latte- Very nutty but it blends nicely with the coffee. This is definitely a ‘cosy day’ drink.

Egg Nog Latte- YES YES YES YES. It’s Christmas once I have had one of these. However, they’re not to everyone’s tastes and I definitely have to be in the mood for one.

Salted Caramel Brownie Hot Chocolate- Quite literally tastes like a salted caramel brownie, its amazing. A good drink or the road or an evening.

I hope you get the chance to try them all- I hope you enjoyed this little post!

Speak soon,
Rosie Lauren

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