Love is in the air…

Hello Lovelies!

So a certain day is almost here… some people dread it… some adore it… I am one of those who loves it- Valentines day!

Doing something on valentines day has always been on my checklist, I see it as an excuse to go for cocktails & Pink fizz with the girls! But It’s a day to embrace all relationships, so let’s celebrate them all- Whether that be GALentines, PALentines or actually valentines, I hope you enjoy your day!

When in London, where better to go for a GALentines day out than Peggy Porschen cakes? Its pretty pink&floral decor is perfect! So I dragged my friend Beki on the tube, with our heart balloons, and FORCED her to drink hot chocolate&cupcakes with me. It was very hard to persuade her, of course…

We had the classic hot chocolate with their ‘La vie en rose’ cupcakes, which were salted caramel! If you’re wanting somewhere extremely cute and girly for valentines- this is your pink heaven!




I hope you enjoyed this post and I wish you a happy valentines, however you spend it!

Love as always,

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