The Elegance of the Opera…

Hello Lovelies,

Today’s post is about an art form I adore- Opera!

Passion, Power, Politics, the opera boasts elegance in abundance and now, it’s becoming easily accessible. A common misconception is that the opera is purely just entertainment for the rich elite, and although historically this may have been accurate, it’s simply not the case in this day and age. Opera is an expressive art form that is changing and evolving every day and it’s thanks to the opera companies such as ENO (English National Opera) and the ROH (Royal Opera House) that it is available for all.

I have always adored Opera as an art form, enough that I’m now studying it, so it fills me with joy to know that I can share my passion with students alike, or with those who may want to try something new. The grandeur of the opera house is an inviting factor alone… Have you seen the crystal chandeliers?!! the word ‘Sophistication’ springs to mind when entering the Royal Opera House. But looks aren’t everything….

When attending Opera houses like the Royal Opera in Covent Garden London, the standard is the highest imaginable. The performers have been in training for years and have a great amount of experience. You will be seeing the end result of hundreds (maybe even thousands) of rehearsal hours. Sectionals, dance rehearsals, movement classes, language coaching, the list goes on and this is just touching the edges. But the end result, that final top C the soprano sings over the orchestra before she tragically dies from a horrific and dramatic death, THAT is what makes the performance. The sense of overcoming emotions, whether that be fear, love, lust, sadness, whichever the performer is feeling, the audience must feel it too. This is why Opera is such a wonderful art.

This year, I’m lucky enough to be a Royal Opera House Student ambassador. Which has meant that I’ve learnt just how accessible it has become. The Royal Opera House is just one example of a company which have a student scheme, which has so many benefits.. FOR FREE!! Including…

  • Ten Slips and Standing tickets for every single main-stage performance at face value (usually £4–£9)
  • Four dedicated Amphitheatre performances
  • Two tickets for £10 at participating cinemas (for students only)
  • Last-minute £10 Young ROH Standby tickets
  • Discounts in our bars and reduced-price programmes on Young ROH Amphitheatre evenings
  • A price range from £1 to £25 on Young ROH Tickets
  • Access to Insight evenings (These are my favourite to attend, well worth trying!)

If you’d like to sign up (for free), you can follow this link… Make sure you use your personal email however and not your university email. This way they can stay in touch once you’ve graduated!!

Now I understand that Opera is not everyone’s cup of tea and that is absolutely fine… but have you tried it? I honestly could not recommend going to watch an Opera enough! Even if you don’t fall in love with it, I urge you to attend just one. Who knows? You may find your new passion. If you’re a young adult or a student, the tickets can be easily accessible, financially, through student schemes like Access all Aria’s (ENO) or Young ROH (Royal Opera House.)

For the Opera beginners out there, here’s a few of my recommendations for the upcoming season:

25th February-16th March
Cosi fan Tutte- Mozart
Royal Opera House, Main Stage

1st March-13th April
The Merry Widow- Lehar
English National Opera, Main Stage

14th March-11th April
The Magic Flute- Mozart
English National Opera, Coliseum Main Stage

14th June-22nd June
Hansel and Gretel- Humperdinck
English National Opera&Regent’s Park Theatre, Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre

22nd June-20th July
Carmen- Bizet
Royal Opera House, Main Stage

29th June-21st July
The Marriage of Figaro- Mozart
Royal Opera House, Main Stage

For those of you that are a little more experienced, make sure you definitely don’t miss:

21st March-22nd April
La forza del destino- Verdi
Royal Opera House, Main Stage

30th March-12th April
The Women of Whitechapel- Iain Bell
English National Opera, Main Stage

23rd April-10th May
Billy Budd- Britten
Royal Opera House, Main Stage

I hope you have found some inspiration from this post and I do hope you find your way to the Opera this season. Don’t forget to upload your photos and videos onto Social Media and hashtag them! (#YoungROH)

Love as always,

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