Love yourself!

Hello Lovelies,

Surprise- it’s been a while since my last post! I love blogging and really enjoy it but thank god it’s just a hobby, it’s hard to keep up with normal day to day life. We’ve hit the season of stressful spring and for once, I’m really feeling the pressure. Winter is actually my favourite season, unpopular opinion I know, because it comes with less stress AND Christmas!

With exams, essays and recitals around the corner, organisation is something I’m having to take on as a full time job. Sorting my day to day schedule is becoming a task that takes longer and longer every time I do it. But thanks to my diary, which is basically my bible, I’m getting there. (My organisation is all thanks to Kikki.K who are my FAVOURITE stationary shop at present.)

Tip Number 1- TREAT YOURSELF to new, cute stationary to get yourself organised!


My notebook, A4 diary and make up bag are all from Kikki.K. I wouldn’t usually carry this much make up but recently, I’ve had no time to use my make up draws every morning, so everything being in one bag has really helped. An A4 diary for me is a MUST when your schedule gets crazy. This one came with little gold stickers too which makes ALL the difference. The notebook is a little extra but it makes me happy.

Tip Number 2- TREAT YOURSELF to some beauty products and have a 20 minute pamper session once a week!

Self love is always important. Sometimes you need to take some me time to relax and re-energise. I always do a face mask, followed by a hair mask. If you’re anywhere near a Sephora, they do the BEST face/hair masks!

Tip Number 3- TREAT YOURSELF to a coffee or cocktail with your friends!

Going out with friends, even for a pink gin, or two, is important too. It’s easy to shut yourself off when you’re stressed. Get out the house, away from any work and enjoy yourself, even if just for an hour. I enjoy going out with my friends to take blog photos. I’m no professional, but we have so much fun! Check out the others girls instagrams- They’re fab! ( and @bekiblank_ ) Here’s a few shots we took over the past few weeks..


To conclude this impromptu pep talk, we can do it! We can get through stressful spring and gear up to enjoy summer- Keep going!

Love as always,

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