The Stojo Cup

Hello lovelies,

How are you all? I hope you’re all looking after yourselves during this stressful exam season! Today’s post is a start of a series of little ways to help environment…

As you are all aware, the climate change problem is getting worse and it’s all over the news and social media. So I thought I would do a little series of posts of little things you can do to help. I’m by no means a scientist and I’m not saying these tips and tricks will save the planet overnight, BUT if everyone does their bit, surely it will make a positive change in some way?

My first tip I wanted to share with you is a way to help reduce rubbish when it comes to having take away coffee and hot drinks. As an absolute coffee and tea lover, I am constantly using single use cups and straws. So I started using my reusable plastic Starbucks tumbler. This is a great solution because you can save 25p on every drink and you’re recycling… but I find it so annoying to have to carry around the flask for the rest of my day. My solution? Buy a Stojo.

What is a Stojo, I hear you ask? A Stojo is a collapsible pocket cup.


There are a few sizes, I personally got the Pocket Cup 12oz. You can buy them on Amazon or on the company website (Linked below!) They range around £10-15 and they have sooooo many colours (I got bright pink, obviously), they’re so cute!


I have mine in my bag for university all the time and it’s so handy, especially as they take up barely any room. I hope you enjoyed this little post, look out for another post soon!

Love as always,

Links for Stojo:



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