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Chapter 2- Reusable Straws

Hello Lovelies,

Welcome back! Another post to add to the series of helping the environment and today it’s on straws…

I am the WORST for using straws. So after seeing so many posts on social media about metal straws, I was ready to shop for the prettiest one I could find. I ended up buying a metal collapsible one, so I could travel with it and it wouldn’t take up a lot of space. I found this one on Amazon (link below) and it comes in a little pink box to keep it clean.


It’s such an easy thing to keep In your bag, especially if you travel a lot like me. If you prefer to have a normal straw, you can buy solid stainless steel ones too, often in a variety of colours and designs. (I’m yet to find any floral ones, Cath Kidston- Hurry Up!) Amazon has an abundance of them! Alternatively, even if you don’t want metal ones, single use paper straws are better than plastic! You can get the CUTEST Paper straws.

I hope you enjoyed this little post!

Love as always,

Amazon Collapsible straw:


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