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Happy 30th Anniversary Lush!

Hello Lovelies,


Today’s post is such an exciting one! I was absolutely delighted when I saw that LUSH were celebrating their 30th anniversary of the bath bomb… why I hear you say? Because it means that they have released 30, yes 30, new bath bombs to celebrate AND they’re hosting bath bomb masterclasses in store too! My inner child was too excited to miss this and I was very lucky to be invited into store to try it out myself.

I made an old time favourite, the ‘blackberry’ bath bomb, which I didn’t realise was actually one of the first to be invented!? With the help of the lovely staff at LUSH I mixed the ingredients and then squished everything together. Unfortunately I had to wait 48 hours until I could use my bath bomb, but it was SO worth it. It’s a lovely uplifting and fresh citrusy (real word) scent- I LOVE IT! I then of course fell into the rest of the store and ended up with a few more items. I was also very kindly gifted a goody bag full of wonderful gifts- Thank you LUSH!

Left- Strawberries and Cream Bath Bomb | Top Right- Raspberry Milkshake Soap | Bottom Right- Melusine Bath Bomb

The new collection is so colourful and it all looks amazing but I love that it’s diverse and therefore, there is 100% a product for everyone. Also, LUSH doesn’t test on animals- YAY!

If you are an oldie but goldie when it comes to LUSH, check out your local store for the bath bomb masterclasses and look through the new collection, you will not be disappointed!

Love as always,


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Love yourself!

Hello Lovelies,

Surprise- it’s been a while since my last post! I love blogging and really enjoy it but thank god it’s just a hobby, it’s hard to keep up with normal day to day life. We’ve hit the season of stressful spring and for once, I’m really feeling the pressure. Winter is actually my favourite season, unpopular opinion I know, because it comes with less stress AND Christmas!

With exams, essays and recitals around the corner, organisation is something I’m having to take on as a full time job. Sorting my day to day schedule is becoming a task that takes longer and longer every time I do it. But thanks to my diary, which is basically my bible, I’m getting there. (My organisation is all thanks to Kikki.K who are my FAVOURITE stationary shop at present.)

Tip Number 1- TREAT YOURSELF to new, cute stationary to get yourself organised!


My notebook, A4 diary and make up bag are all from Kikki.K. I wouldn’t usually carry this much make up but recently, I’ve had no time to use my make up draws every morning, so everything being in one bag has really helped. An A4 diary for me is a MUST when your schedule gets crazy. This one came with little gold stickers too which makes ALL the difference. The notebook is a little extra but it makes me happy.

Tip Number 2- TREAT YOURSELF to some beauty products and have a 20 minute pamper session once a week!

Self love is always important. Sometimes you need to take some me time to relax and re-energise. I always do a face mask, followed by a hair mask. If you’re anywhere near a Sephora, they do the BEST face/hair masks!

Tip Number 3- TREAT YOURSELF to a coffee or cocktail with your friends!

Going out with friends, even for a pink gin, or two, is important too. It’s easy to shut yourself off when you’re stressed. Get out the house, away from any work and enjoy yourself, even if just for an hour. I enjoy going out with my friends to take blog photos. I’m no professional, but we have so much fun! Check out the others girls instagrams- They’re fab! ( and @bekiblank_ ) Here’s a few shots we took over the past few weeks..


To conclude this impromptu pep talk, we can do it! We can get through stressful spring and gear up to enjoy summer- Keep going!

Love as always,

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The Elegance of the Opera…

Hello Lovelies,

Today’s post is about an art form I adore- Opera!

Passion, Power, Politics, the opera boasts elegance in abundance and now, it’s becoming easily accessible. A common misconception is that the opera is purely just entertainment for the rich elite, and although historically this may have been accurate, it’s simply not the case in this day and age. Opera is an expressive art form that is changing and evolving every day and it’s thanks to the opera companies such as ENO (English National Opera) and the ROH (Royal Opera House) that it is available for all.

I have always adored Opera as an art form, enough that I’m now studying it, so it fills me with joy to know that I can share my passion with students alike, or with those who may want to try something new. The grandeur of the opera house is an inviting factor alone… Have you seen the crystal chandeliers?!! the word ‘Sophistication’ springs to mind when entering the Royal Opera House. But looks aren’t everything….

When attending Opera houses like the Royal Opera in Covent Garden London, the standard is the highest imaginable. The performers have been in training for years and have a great amount of experience. You will be seeing the end result of hundreds (maybe even thousands) of rehearsal hours. Sectionals, dance rehearsals, movement classes, language coaching, the list goes on and this is just touching the edges. But the end result, that final top C the soprano sings over the orchestra before she tragically dies from a horrific and dramatic death, THAT is what makes the performance. The sense of overcoming emotions, whether that be fear, love, lust, sadness, whichever the performer is feeling, the audience must feel it too. This is why Opera is such a wonderful art.

This year, I’m lucky enough to be a Royal Opera House Student ambassador. Which has meant that I’ve learnt just how accessible it has become. The Royal Opera House is just one example of a company which have a student scheme, which has so many benefits.. FOR FREE!! Including…

  • Ten Slips and Standing tickets for every single main-stage performance at face value (usually £4–£9)
  • Four dedicated Amphitheatre performances
  • Two tickets for £10 at participating cinemas (for students only)
  • Last-minute £10 Young ROH Standby tickets
  • Discounts in our bars and reduced-price programmes on Young ROH Amphitheatre evenings
  • A price range from £1 to £25 on Young ROH Tickets
  • Access to Insight evenings (These are my favourite to attend, well worth trying!)

If you’d like to sign up (for free), you can follow this link… Make sure you use your personal email however and not your university email. This way they can stay in touch once you’ve graduated!!

Now I understand that Opera is not everyone’s cup of tea and that is absolutely fine… but have you tried it? I honestly could not recommend going to watch an Opera enough! Even if you don’t fall in love with it, I urge you to attend just one. Who knows? You may find your new passion. If you’re a young adult or a student, the tickets can be easily accessible, financially, through student schemes like Access all Aria’s (ENO) or Young ROH (Royal Opera House.)

For the Opera beginners out there, here’s a few of my recommendations for the upcoming season:

25th February-16th March
Cosi fan Tutte- Mozart
Royal Opera House, Main Stage

1st March-13th April
The Merry Widow- Lehar
English National Opera, Main Stage

14th March-11th April
The Magic Flute- Mozart
English National Opera, Coliseum Main Stage

14th June-22nd June
Hansel and Gretel- Humperdinck
English National Opera&Regent’s Park Theatre, Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre

22nd June-20th July
Carmen- Bizet
Royal Opera House, Main Stage

29th June-21st July
The Marriage of Figaro- Mozart
Royal Opera House, Main Stage

For those of you that are a little more experienced, make sure you definitely don’t miss:

21st March-22nd April
La forza del destino- Verdi
Royal Opera House, Main Stage

30th March-12th April
The Women of Whitechapel- Iain Bell
English National Opera, Main Stage

23rd April-10th May
Billy Budd- Britten
Royal Opera House, Main Stage

I hope you have found some inspiration from this post and I do hope you find your way to the Opera this season. Don’t forget to upload your photos and videos onto Social Media and hashtag them! (#YoungROH)

Love as always,

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Blogmas- Festive Make Up Favourites

Hello Lovelies,

Welcome to Blogmas day 5! Today’s post is on my festive make up favourites. I love make up but only ever really wear it in winter, but here are my recent favourites as we’ve approached the festivities.

Eye shadow is a HUGE part of winter make up for me and these are my favourites:


(Left to right)
Make up at home: Too Faced Chocolate Bar (Smells like chocolate still!)
Travelling or on the go: Too Faced Sugar Cookie Palette (Smells like vanilla cookies- so sweet!)
On the go or for your handbag: Nars Duo Shadows (Mine is ‘Bellissima’)


Foundations and contour are important too of course. I LOVE using Dior Star foundation during winter, along with the MAC Vanilla highlighting pigment. Contour wise I use Nars Laguna Bronzer and Nars Enrapture Blush.

Then? LIPS!


I have a mixture of high end lipsticks to drugstore but I love a good winter lip.

Drugstore wise I have the Make Up Revolution Lipstick in ‘Nostalgia’ paired with the lip liner ‘Fire.’ I actually received these in my Advent calendar and I LOVE them, the lipstick is a lovely bright red. Next I have a classic- Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick in 107. This is a deep red matte and I have loved it for years.

These next two are actually Charlotte Tilbury. I adore Charlotte Tilbury’s lipsticks, they are to die for! On the left I have ‘Red Carpet Red’ which is a deeper berry red- perfect for Christmas. On the right I have ‘Glastonberry’ which is a deep burgundy purple. I usually wear this on an evening.

These last two are my winter nudes. On the left, ‘Velvet Teddy’, an orange based nude. On the right, my favourite lipstick of all time, ‘Brave.’ This is a pinky nude but it is BEAUTIFUL.

I hope you enjoyed this mini favourites post, Do you own any of these? If you have any festive favourites yourself, let me know!

Speak Soon,
Rosie Lauren

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Royal Opera House Students!

Hello Lovelies,

So today’s post is about The Royal Opera House and it’s student scheme. The Royal Opera House holds a very special place in my heart, I adore it. The grandeur, the finesse and mastery the house creates is enough to make anyone fall in love… and now anyone aged 18-25, or a full-time student, can enjoy it without breaking the bank!


The scheme is free, yes you did hear me correctly, FREE! All you need is an email address to sign up! (Be sure you enter a personal email so they can contact you after your graduate!) In return for signing up to their scheme, you shall unlock all the following offers;

  • More than 10,000 dedicated Student tickets
  • One complete performance of Billy Budd next Season
  • Ten Slips and Standing tickets for every single main-stage performance at face value (usually £4–£9)
  • Four dedicated Amphitheatre performances (sometimes five)
  • Two tickets for £10 at participating cinemas
  • Dedicated booking days for each Booking Season
  • Last-minute £10 Student Standby tickets
  • Discounts in our bars and reduced-price programmes on Student Amphitheatre evenings
  • A price range from £1 to £25 on Student Tickets

I joined this scheme last year and I was lucky enough to get multiple £10 student standby tickets for their main stage show. Die Zauberflöte was my favourite!!

This season the Student Amphitheatre Performances for the 2018/19 Season are:

The Unknown Soldier / Infra / Symphony in C | Monday 26 November 2018, 7.30pm | Booking opens 24 July 2018
Mayerling | Monday 15 October 2018, 7.30pm | Booking opens 24 July 2018
La traviata | Monday 14 January 2019, 7pm | Booking opens 29 October 2018
Katya Kabanova | Monday 18 February 2019, 8pm | Booking opens 29 October 2018
Within the Golden Hour / New Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui / Flight Pattern | Tuesday 21 May 2019, 7.30pm | Booking opens 02 April 2019

These performances start at just £1 per ticket! I’m personally excited for La Traviata after seeing It at ENO earlier this year!

Another benefit of the scheme is the ‘Two Tickets for £10 at the Cinema.’ For those of you who do not live in London, or struggle to travel in central, this could be your forte! All you need to do is;

  • On the day of the viewing, Find your local participating cinema; Odeon, Showcase, Vue or Independent.
  • Check they are screening Royal Opera House Live Cinema
  • Check they still have some tickets left (the £10 Cinema Student Standby is subject to availability)
  • Grab a friend (they don’t need to be a student)
  • Grab £10
  • Turn up in person
  • Show your valid Student ID and buy two cinema tickets for £10
  • Watch the most amazing performances from the comfort of your home town cinema seats

Want to sign up to unlock amazing offers on Opera&Ballet? If you head over to , you can sign up for free!

I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope you enjoy any shows you see!!

Speak soon,
Rosie Lauren

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Summer Essentials

Hello lovelies,

Today’s blog post is full of random items which you must have for summer!
Firstly I have beauty, hair and skin care products!

I used to be obsessed with Simple’s Hydrating Moisture Mist that they released during summer, it was the perfect little spray to cool you down and moisturise too. However they have stopped making it now, so I tried Garnier’s ‘Skin active, Moisture Bomb Hydrating Mist’ and it did not disappoint. It has Anti-UV- SPF 30 and anti-pollution protection, which is a bonus for me in sunny London, but it also cools you down on warm days. Another skin care favourite of mine, during summer, is The White Company’s ‘Seychelles’ shower gel. It has a fresh beachy scent and you stay fragrant for the whole day.

Next, the handbag essentials! Carmex lip balm is my ultimate favourite lip balm, it works a treat, and it has SPF 15, meaning It’s perfect for summer. The other two miniatures I always carry are Cath Kidston’s (My possibly favourite brand) hand cream and hand sanitizer. They both smell amazing and moisturise without leaving any sticky feelings on your hands.


Then we have the beauty and hair care. Beauty wise, I’m a natural look kinda girl, so a nice light foundation, a soft blush/highlighter with a little mascara will do me on a hot day in the sun. My favourite blush/highlight at the moment is this Soap&Glory ‘Glow all out’ powder. My fitting foundation is Dior’s ‘Star’ foundation. It has a lovely brightening effect and doesn’t feel heavy on the skin- it also has SPF 30! Also on my list is Lee Stafford’s ‘Coco Loco, Coconut Spritz.’ This is a hair milk/oil that leaves your hair looking silky soft with high shine- the perfect look for luscious locks during summer!

Moving onto random bits&bobs!


A must in summer, of course, are sunglasses. I always end up buying a new pair every year as I seem to either lose mine or break them. I’m very picky with sunglasses but I found these beauties in New Look! Another must is a travel wallet and pass holder. If you like to travel like me, or live in a city, these are so handy. Mine are both from Cath Kidston because I love their prints but shops like Kikki K and Paperchase also sell them.

Next? Candles of course. I bought this little set from NEXT, It’s called ‘The Candle Pantry’ and all the scents are named after foods. They are presented in little jam jars with decorated tops, aren’t they just adorable? They also look and smell good enough to eat! (Blackberry Jam is my favourite one) You can also buy bigger sizes of them all.

Finally, my summer must haves wouldn’t be complete without a drink of course? So crack out the Pink gin and Pimm’s and let’s have a garden party!


I have recently re-discovered Gordon’s Pink Gin and I ADORE it! It goes well with Lemonade, Tonic or in cocktails. I have a rose gold cocktail set and I love to experiment with it. My favourite mix currently would be a double of Gordons Pink gin, Raspberry&lemon cordial (pictured above,) lemonade and mint leaves. Raspberry and Lemon are my favourite flavours, along with passionfruit, so I love this drink.
And is it even summer if Pimm’s doesn’t feature? Pimm’s epitomises British summer time to me. Mix some Pimm’s, Mint leaves and slices of Cucumber&Strawberries in a jug with some lemonade and you’re set to go!

I hope you find this useful and enjoy your summer, do you lovelies have any summer must haves?

Speak soon,
Rosie Lauren

Links to featured items:

-The White Company- Seychelles Shower Gel;
-Soap&Glory- Glow All Out;
-Lee Stafford- Coco Loco Coconut Spritz;
-Carmex- Original Lip Balm;
-Cath Kidston- Handcream;
-Cath Kidston- Hand Sanitiser;
-Dior- Star Foundation;
-Garnier- Skin Active Hydrating Mist;
-NEXT- The Candle Pantry;
-Newlook- Sunglasses;
-Cath Kidston- Pass/Ticket Holder;
-Cath Kidston- Travel Wallet;
-Gordon’s- Premium Pink Gin;
-Belvoir- Raspberry&Lemon Cordial;
-Pimm’s- Original Mix;
-Fox&Ivy- Rose Gold Shaker&Jigger;